Creating, building and supporting your brand is our passion.  Our relationships with some of the world's top manufacturers of premium quality food and beverages have resulted in top notch products that can be brought to market at lightning speed. Pairing our quality products and innovative "smart" packaging has brought us success and experience in a multitude of markets across the country. We seek to deliver innovative private label solutions across a variety of categories.


In addition to the right partnerships, we have certification experience for sourcing a product that meet the requirements of your brand. Our certifications include USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified & Kosher. You can be sure that  partnering with us to develop your private label programs will be the right choice to ultimately connect your customers with the items they are searching for.



We can produce nearly any type of bean in carton packaging.
Sources are easily traced to the origin of harvest. Organic or conventional, they are sourced globally for the perfect product. Varieties include Black, Garbanzo, Cannellini, Kidney & more.


Stock & Broth

We offer a wide variety of unique, organic and natural broth and stock formulations in both aseptic ready to serve and concentrated formats. Our extensive experience and expertise in this arena is second to none.


Salt Varieties

Our salt capabilities span a wide range of traditional and non-traditional varieties. We globally source salt products based on quality, purity, availability, packaging, and certifications required for your market. 



We source a wide variety of spice from around the world. Sterilization and cleanliness are of the utmost concern when sourcing spice products. As one of our core competencies, we have only developed  relationships with spice partners that uphold the highest standards in quality and food safety.


All Things Tomato

Our tomato products include a variety of tomatoes in almost any form, including pasta sauces and tomato paste from the finest tomato growing regions in Italy. Our Italian made tomato products are available as organic, non-organic and can be packed in carton based solutions, glass or cans.


All Things Pasta

Varieties in pasta continue to evolve with today's health-conscious consumer. We can produce almost any variety of pasta which can be bagged or boxed to accommodate your brand's needs.


Non Dairy Beverages

Non dairy milks have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. We offer high quality organic almond, rice, and ancient grain options for your label to penetrate into this popular market.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is a preferred beverage among the health and fitness conscious consumer. With the decline in soda sales, alternative beverages continue to claim larger percentages of market share. We have global expertise in sourcing coconut in a variety of packaging formats.