Jack's Quality

Jack's Quality Beans are a modern twist to the classic canned staple. Certified USDA organic, Non-GMO and low sodium, Jack's Beans make a fantastic addition to your meal, on its own, or as a snack. Find out more.



Falksalt is a line of the finest Mediterranean sea salt you will find on the market. The Falksalt line includes crystal flake, fine grain & coarse, and flavored flake varieties that range from value to premium. Find out more at Falksalt USA

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RacHAel Ray Pantry

The Rachael Ray pantry lineup is comprised of Rachael's every day staples that should always be in stock in anyones kitchen. Stocks, oil, vinegar, and spices come with the Rachael Ray brand's commitment to quality kitchen products.


Kitchen Ready

The biggest staples in homes and restaurants are stocks and broths. The Kitchen Ready brand promises and delivers stocks and broths that are suitable for any restaurant or home kitchen.


County Line Farms

County Line Farms brand of enriched egg noodles represent a growing trend toward of home-style noodles. In addition to being made from enriched egg yolk, County Line Farms noodles are tasty and highly competitive with other established brands on the shelf.



Coconut water is growing in popularity at a consistent rate. Gran Coco offers a 16 OZ coconut water option with or without pulp. In bilingual packaging (English/Spanish), Gran Coco is an excellent product option for a variety of retailers. 



Concentrated broths make a great space saving option for retailers and a great value for consumers. In 10 OZ squeeze bottles, concentrated stocks come in Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable varieties.